Let’s Eat Chinese

Last week my buddy Dean and I have lunch at a Chinese place. It’s pretty busy and a lone waitress is the only one serving the 10 tables.

Here’s what happened about 10 minutes after she serves our food.

The waitress buzzes out from the kitchen, “How are you guys doing?”
“Not good,” I replied.
“Oh?”, she asks with her eyebrows raised and slightly tilting her head.
“No. The food is good. It’s me.”
“Why, what’s wrong?” She asked concerned.
I deadpan a response pointing to my behind, slowly shaking my head. “It’s my Prostate.”
“Ah …” The waitress stared.
After an uncomfortable silence I┬áreplied, “Just kidding,”
“Thank God!” She gasped. “You almost gave me a heart attack.”

Here is a Vine I did from the lunch.

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