It’s Better To Fail Than Do This – From The Hip TV

It’s the very first episode of From The Hip TV. (You can find the podcast on iTunes – From The Hip with Albert Hathazi).

In this episode I talk about a recent failure of mine. I also introduce you to a few of my new friends.

This video was shot and edited entirely on my iPhone 5.

Day 28: Vlog Challenge – Short Memory

This was the last entry in my Vlog Challenge. I know. It sucked.

It sucked in a few ways:

  • I ran out of space on my iPhone (Bad Planning)
  • The Vlog Challenge ended too suddenly
  • The video quality sucked. (I was out of focus)

This video was almost never posted but I wanted you to see me with my warts and all. (At least my warts were out of focus).

Day 15: Vlog Challenge – Keyboards with Tablets

On today’s Vlog Challenge video we are talking about how I use my keyboard with my iPad.

I used to think that having a bluetooth keyboard with my iPad would be useless. That was until I picked up my Logitech iPad Keyboard on sale a little while ago.

Here is the Amazon Link for the one I use (Aff.): Logitech iPad Keyboard